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Torque Converter in Odessa, TX

Just like a clutch in a manual transmission, a torque converter allows the engine to continue to run while the brakes are applied and the vehicle comes to a stop. When you release the brakes and step on the gas, the torque converter kicks back in and multiplies the power from your engine to your automatic transmission to get you moving again. So, if your vehicle doesn’t accelerate properly, it shudders, or the gears slip, then it’s time to have the torque converter checked. Sometimes, what seems to be a problem with your transmission may actually be an issue with your torque converter. Because the converter shares fluid with your transmission, if it develops an issue, it can easily lead to bigger problems. So if the converter is leaking or not circulating fluid properly, it must be replaced, because a malfunctioning torque converter can cause the transmission to overheat, and lead to failure. From a safety standpoint, an overheating engine could leave you stranded. And from an environmental point of view, a damaged torque converter can leak transmission fluid, which can be dangerous to children and animals.