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Head Gasket Replacement in Odessa, TX

A head gasket is a rubber seal that sits between the engine block and the cylinder heads in your engine. It seals the combustion gasses in your engine and prevents oil and coolant from mixing together. But because much of the gasket can’t be seen without disassembling the engine, it can be very difficult to diagnose a head gasket leak. If you notice white smoke from the exhaust pipe, bubbles in the radiator or overflow compartment, or if your engine oil is white or milky, it may be time to have your head gasket checked. Head gaskets themselves are not very expensive, but removing the engine head to access the gasket is labor intensive and takes time. If the gasket fails or is “blown,” the consequences are serious and action must be taken to correct the situation, as mechanical problems in the vehicle that may have caused the problem will need fixing. In addition, the blown head gasket may cause irreversible damage to the engine.If you do drive with a blown head gasket, eventually the engine will overheat and break down, leaving the car unable to move. From an environmental point of view, a blown head gasket can leak coolant, which can be dangerous to children and animals.