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Coolant Temp Sensor in Odessa, TX

We all know that our engine can get hot. It is the job of the coolant temperature sensor or CTS, to monitor the temperature of your engine. Most sensors in your engine don’t have a recommended service interval, you just have to replace them when they fail. But, if your vehicle starts to use more gas than usual, or black smoke is starting to come from the exhaust pipe, these are indicators that the coolant temperature sensor in your vehicle could be defective, and needs to be replaced. Replacing the sensor is an inexpensive maintenance compared to the damage that can be done, Because, if a coolant temperature sensor is not working properly, your cooling system won’t be able to do it’s job, and your engine will overheat. And ignoring an overheating engine can lead to permanent damage. From a safety standpoint, an overheating engine could leave you stranded, And from an environmental point of view, a new coolant temp sensor will not only save gas, but reduce air pollution.